Broadway Market


Saturday 24th July 2010

So we decided that this weekend was going to be a trip to London and then you start looking at other food blogs and hey presto along comes some inspiration in the form of Lexeat’s blog and pictures of Broadway Market and off we trotted to have a look and see for ourselves.


We first headed to the La Vie en Rose for a sit down as we walked from Liverpool Street station, not that it took that long only really about 20 – 25 minutes. Darren had a cappuccino, I had a latte, both were very good and Aria of course had some milk!

 We then wandered up through the market, deciding what yummy food to get for our picnic lunch at London Fields! Should we go for the suckling pig pork baps, the veggie burgers, the panni’s stuffed Spanish ham and peppers, the Caribbean curry or the hot salt beef bagels?

As you can see the salt beef bagel and the Caribbean curry won, but don’t worry we will be back to try the others that’s for sure!


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