London – DNA Top Five – five more on the way!!

So over the years Darren & I have been to lots of restaurants in our fabulous capital city but I thought I would put together a list of our favourites.

Sorry there are not loads of pictures folks but there will be on any new places we go to PROMISE!! – Off to Bob Bob Ricard tonight, so will post next week!

Would love you know if you agree or not or if you would add any others! So in no particular order here goes!

 Launceston Place

We went to Launceston before Tristan had been on the Great British Menu and even then it was obvious that he a very talented chef.We have been for both lunch and dinner and on both occasions the service and the food has been outstanding I don’t know many restaurants that have both amuse bouche’s at start and then with dessert without you having to pay top dollar! Favourite dish I had was the smoked salmon which comes to the table with a glass lid over the plate and when removed the peaty smoke is released it’s a bit of theatre but the flavours worked really well on the salmon. The must have dessert is the rice pudding soufflé is wonderfully light but in every bite there still manages to be a taste of rice pudding in it!! One of my most goes to’s!

The Square

Darren worked in Berkeley square for a year or so and walked past The Square numerous times and said we really must go there it looks lovely! So we decided to go for his birthday and to celebrate Aria arriving safe and sound, this also meant I could have some champagne hoorah!! The food was fantastic; highlight was the cheese board which of course I could now eat after months without eating it, babies eh! The amuse bouche of foie gras mouse with a parmesan crisp was delicious!


 Locanda Locatelli

Have been a few times to Locanda and can one ever tire of hearing Italian, eating Italian, drinking Italian I think not?!! To top it off Georgio has been there every time we have been, so you like to think he is making sure your dinner is favoloso which it is!The Barolo risotto Darren had on our first visit stands out and my tiramisu has to be one of the best I have had, tiramisu is a dish that I do spend a lot of time eating and trying to find the worlds best! Locanda’s may have been the one!!



 Theo Randall

Without doubt a favourite of ours, the chocolate cake alone is worth as visit! We took my parents there for dinner and my dad was amazed at the size of the veal chop that was put before him, as he think most restaurants the portions aren’t that big! Theo’s bread with the best olive oil and the freshest tomatoes is wonderful you will have to stop yourself from saying yes to a second plate!! There are always great deals to be had and the pre theatre is great value at £27 for three courses, check out toptable deals too!


4 thoughts on “London – DNA Top Five – five more on the way!!

  1. I’ve got Darren beat. 6 years in Berkeley Square and still not managed to eat at The Square. Have heard it is very nice though and who could not like foie gras mousse with Parmesan crisp?

    • Joshua

      Its one to go, please tell you have been Benares?

      I would like to say we have been, but the night we went to go there was a gas leak and they weren’t allowed to cook!! Typical eh!


  2. This a fabulous post and may be one that needs to be followed up to see what goes on

    A chum sent this link the other day and I am excitedly awaiting your next blog post. Carry on on the high quality work.

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