Bob Bob Ricard

Bob Bob Ricard



Have wanted to go to BBR for a while now and then stuffyaface went with UK food bloggers gang and that was it had to go!

We had an 8.30 table so the restaurant was just starting to fill up; we were given the option of sitting next to each other or staring into each other eyes! It was nice to get the choice and we went for sitting next each other so we could have a good look around at the stunning art deco surroundings! 

We started with a glass of Pol Roger Champagne, not via the button I add but we had already had some cocktails earlier so decided to steer clear of the button or there could be a hefty bill at the end of the evening!!! Saying that Darren went for the lobster cocktail for starter and that added to bill in its self!! Luckily it was worth the money and I did get to try some, so it wasn’t all bad! 

I went for the beef tea soup for starter; I was given a silver teapot containing the beef tea in the bowl was a poached quail’s egg and pieces of sirloin and pasta. The flavours worked really well and loved the special BBR pasta!   

Darren went for the famous veal Holstein and the secret sauce which lived up to the hype and I went for the chicken Kiev with cream corn mash which was delicious. This is the point that I have to own up and say there would have been lots of pictures of said dishes but would you believe it my camera ran out of battery!!! I was horrified of course but there was eating to be getting on with so that’s what we did! I love and chocolate dessert so I went for the chocolate knickerblocker glory which came up as a chocolate bomb?! They then poured over hot chocolate sauce which made the chocolate melt and reveal the chocolatey contents!! It was very rich and very yummy! Darren went for the stripy strawberry soufflé which had strawberries and cream poured into for extra effect! It was just as a soufflé should be incredibly light!

It was a wonderful evening,  food was gorgeous, ambience was just right, if you want a romantic date or a night with friends this the place to go! Will be back for the burger!!


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