An evening at stuffyaface

As it is stuffyafaces (younger brother) birthday this month a get together was arranged and in his Virgo “I will control all style” he wanted to feed us and try some new Recipes! Well wasn’t going to say No to that eh!

As usual the table was set with gorgeous large wine glasses (very important!), mood lighting, and best of all an array of wonderful meze dishes.  We had, a full bodied cheese board, homemade pear chutney (amazing!),


 There were three salads; a radish and board bean with harissa dressing.


Spanish meats, Italian Parma, Sweet potato with maple pecan and chilli. A chorizo, chickpea, parsley and feta,  a green bean, asparagus, hazelnut and a orange olive dressing.

Homemade pistachio and chilli bread.


 If that wasn’t enough there were two cakes raspberry and amaretto and spiced apple both made by our own mothers fair hands!

Well done bro, a wonderful birthday meal even if you did all the hard work!! All the recipes will be posted on stuffyface.


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