Roka – Lunchtime Bliss

My friend is getting married this week, so a celebration luncheon was in order. We decided on Roka at the wharf as neither of us had been there before. Well I’m very glad we did the lunch was fabulous!

We started with two types of sushi, spicy tuna, yuzu tobiko with avocado and hot crispy prawns with avocado. These were both gorgeous, the hot crispy prawn worked really well and the avocado on both was lovely and soft and full of flavour.

We then went for the pork and scallop dumplings (how I love dumplings!) and but why when plates are promoted as sharing plates do they give you five between two??!

We then went on to have the rice hot pot with crispy soy chicken and shiitake mushrooms, this came to the table in a hot metal pot when the lid came off the smell of the shiitake mushrooms was wonderful.

Then came my favourite dish the Korean spiced lamb chops! There were two each, think I could have eaten all four! The flavour was just right side of spicy and the quality of the meat was amazing.

The bill wasn’t cheap but we did have some wine too, honestly I can say didn’t feel that it was too much as the food was so good. So if you have an occasion and you are in the wharf give Roka a try, make sure you have the lamb chops!!


2 thoughts on “Roka – Lunchtime Bliss

  1. I love your blog, I think you went to this place with my sister in-law Sue? she sent me your blog as I was telling Danny about a blog that I also love, thought you might like to have a look too, its all food in London and his bro lives in LA. Anyway great recipes, I will give some of them a try over the winter…

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