Menorcan Adventures

This was our first DNA trip abroad and we were of course hoping that Aria would love the plane, she did, try Spanish, she did she had “hola” down by day two! And enjoy the food, she loved the garlic mushrooms!

We stayed in son bou which is about 15 minutes from Mahon airport, the resort is right by the sea and is very relaxed and quiet not the place you go to party but for our first family holiday that’s what we wanted.

So to the food, there are you normal holiday restaurants with their English menus but we managed to home in on two rather special ones that did want to show you some Spanish cooking.

Alatis was our first try and as they had tapas dishes on the menu we gave it a try. We weren’t disappointed we had some wonderful padron peppers, a sweet salad and two spicy Menorcan sausage pizzas. We eat there a couple of times; this was where Aria tucked into the garlic mushrooms! Their speciality was suckling Menorcan lamb, which was gorgeous and huge! The vegetables severed with it were lovely but the leg of lamb, yes I did say leg, was the main attraction.

Another place was Las Dunas their signature dishes, were their kebabs and chargrill steaks! Again the food was really fresh, cooked well and very tasty, a real treat to eat after hard day at the beach!

All of these places are family run and this shows in the clientele who are all greeted with smiles and at times hugs for returning customers. Son bou wasn’t Madrid on the food front but the people were warm, friendly and food was all home cooked. Couldn’t ask for more on our first DNA adventure eh!


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