Mad Hatters – Cosy Tea Party

This weekend a package arrived from the lovely people at Cosy Tea we were quite excited, it’s DNA’s first product review!

Cosy Tea is a company that love their planet and their hard working tea producers as much as they love their tea! Therefore all their teas are fair trade and organic, their tea bags are au natural and so are the tea pouches. Again thinking of the planet and all those chemicals!

To add to the cosiness, all of the teas have a different knitting style covering the box, contact cosy tea with your a favourite pattern and you could be chosen to have it added to one of their tea boxes.

We were sent six teas to try and here’s what we thought of them!

Peppermint Tea – I love peppermint tea and it can be difficult to find one that doesn’t leave a chalky after taste (as my friend Philippa would say!), however we agreed that cosy tea is a winner! It has all the flavour you want from peppermint with a clean finish.

 Earl Grey Tea with Bergamot – Earl Grey is very floral and this one was no exception, I personally like this taste, however it had to be said that Darren wasn’t completely with me on this one! One for Ladies afternoon tea!

 Rooibos Tea with Vanilla – The vanilla hits you as soon as you open the packet, which in my case is great as I love vanilla. I tired the tea without adding milk and it was the better for it. I have tired other makes of this tea, however I think cosy tea have hit on another winning flavour with this one.

Green Tea with Jasmine – The jasmine in this green tea really comes through without being overpowering which was very pleasing; it also had a lovely clean finish.

Blueberry & Echinacea Infusion – Who does love an Echinacea infusion?! I must admit this has been my least favourite, maybe I don’t like things that are good for me! However I think it could be better was a teaspoon of sugar or honey.

Chamomile – So I can’t lie I didn’t like this tea at all but was the first tine I have had Chamomile tea, so at least I tired it!!

So there you have my review of the six of the eight teas in the cosy tea range, they also have Breakfast tea (soon to come in decaf) and Lemon green tea.

Overall I enjoyed the cosy tea products and I would use my pennies to purchase the Peppermint, Rooibos and Earl Grey tea. Apart from the chamomile being a no no with me the others were just as good as anything else out on their on the market.

So if you interested in finding our more about Cosy Tea contact them on twitter or facebook, I know that they would love to hear from all those tea drinkers out there!

To celebrate our first DNA product review, we are also holding our first blog giveaway competition!

 We are giving away three boxes of cosy tea’s containing all of the above flavours.

The lucky winners will be picked by out of a hat by Aria on Bonfire Night 5th November.

Just answer this question below, with your email address. Good Luck!

The Mad Hatter featured in Alice in Wonderland, who wrote this classic story?


3 thoughts on “Mad Hatters – Cosy Tea Party

  1. Cor all that tea sounds too good to be true!
    The answer is Lewis Carroll.
    Let’s hope the tea is on my way!!


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