Pistachio & Pickle Supperclub

Matt adores cooking and feeding others; he has been regularly helping out at Fernandez&Leluu so he has a fantastic baptism into the supper club world!

Therefore I suppose it was only natural for him and his partner Steve to take that plunge and start their own supper club Pistachio & Pickle.

As obvious food lover and a lovely big sister, Darren and I of course booked our seats, for their first night which had a Halloween theme!

M&S had gone all out, with menus, place settings and Halloween effects including a smoke machine ohhh….Spooky!!

We started with the Blood Shot, which was beetroot soup with just the right hit of spice to add a kick!

Next was pumpkin gnocchi, which was all homemade and very tasty.

For main was venison, Savoy cabbage, herb dumpling with blood jus, the meat was cooked perfectly and the jus was to die for!

Onto the cheese, well as people might already know, I adore cheese and this came with a selection of homemade chutneys, pure bliss!

Finally dessert which was again all homemade, a wonderful treacle tart and cinnamon ice cream, just delicious.

Now I know some people with say I’m biased and let’s face it I am, but this was a great evening, there was a variety of people, some foodies, some friends, some that had heard about the supper club through twitter or Pistachio & Pickle website.

Darren & I sat next to Tom & Dan both chefs, who have just started their own supper club but they said that they aren’t that brave as to cook for 16!  

So Matt & Steve well done,  you have taken those first supper club steps!

I know that, if this one is anything to go by, there will be lots more fabulous nights to come!


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