Hotel Chocolat – Eggspose

Sometimes there are good things to be said for re development, especially when they go and build a new city shopping space and there is a Hotel Chocolat store for your other half to pop into when they don’t know what to get for Valentines!

This is how I was introduced to the wonderful Hotel Chocolat, with a box of the love heart truffles. These were delightful and the chocolate was just the right side of sickly sweet, I know that sounds a weird thing to say but I love chocolate and in my opinion you need to keep tasting the high quality chocolate for a few minutes after the first bite!

Well these truffles did just that, therefore when Beth from Jam&Cream PR tweeted for volunteers to taste and review one of Hotel Chocolat’s Easter Eggs, I was very keen indeed.

I received my Hotel Chocolat egg and opened it excitedly as I wasn’t sure exactly which egg I was going to get to review! 

My Egg was their White Chocolate Eggspose Egg

I really like the type set on the box, it gives this egg a grown up look and the use of vivid strawberry colour to go with the little cheeky eight strawberry eggs inside.

The egg itself is an extra thick egg so only one half, but it is double the thickness so you don’t really need a whole egg.

So to the important taste test, I liked the texture of the egg, and the extra thickness. But I have to say that the best bits were the little cheeky strawberry eggs, these were simply gorgeous and it has to be said that I didn’t let Darren have more than two!

Likes : Grown up design, Little Cheeky Strawberry eggs.

Dislikes: The price is £14.00 rrp, so probably a treat for loved one or when treating yourself!!


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