About DNA

  DNA equals food = Darren, Nuala, Aria equals food.

 As I have started to notice from reading quite a lot of food blogs, I am not alone in my constant need to think about food all the time! Yes, in our household as we are having breakfast, we will be discussing what to have for lunch and then of course dinner and any snacks in between.

 I have been a foodie all my life from home dinners at my nan’s with ice cream and ice magic to picnic’s in parks with slices of homemade pie and marmite sandwiches! Food has always been a huge part of my life.

 Then I met my love Darren and together over the last 20 years we have been eating our way around the globe! I must say mostly London as the lottery win hasn’t happened but never the less it’s been adventure and still is!!

 We have recently added to our family, our amazing daughter Aria is now along for the foodie journey too!

 So I am going to share with you our past and I mean places we have eaten in, some we have loved and some not so, but as we know nothing ventured nothing gained!!

 DNA is everyone’s make up, so therefore when you take my family it’s the same, Darren, Nuala, Aria equals food and the love of it always!

 Nuala x

So this is my wonderful family and now for some more details on us!


I spend my days thinking of what to I can eat, cook, share, pass on to others. I live in the commuter belt Billericay, Essex.  So lots local restaurants to enjoy and a short hop to the big somke where they are thousands to try! I like choclate desserts, cheese, champagne, lazy saturday lunches.   Dislike not many things apart from the devils food celery!



I am 21 months,  currently begining my foodie journey with my mummy and daddy in tow! So keep an eye out for my scores if I love somewhere we go! I love baked beans, curries,  raisins,  picnic’s, milk and Peppa pig.  Still not too sure what I dislike as I change my mind on a daily basis!



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