Past Eats

Hong Kong & Koh Samui

When I book a holiday, the important things are what’s the hotel like and then strangely where can we eat! Therefore once the hotel in Hong Kong “Harbour Plaza in Kowloon” had been booked it was then onto where to eat!!

We decided to pop to Theo Randall’s for lunch before heading to Heathrow for our evening flight to Hong Kong, I know must  people would be ok with a burger king before their journey but when you have to come into London to get the train to Heathrow then you may as well have lunch!! And Theo’s chocolate cake is to die for!

 We arrived in Hong Kong on a rainy evening in May 2007, headed for our hotel, had  a quick change, and we decided to go for cocktails at Felix at the Peninsula Hotel as the views are to die for!

 After a couple of gorgeous cocktails and as the view was so amazing it we thought it was only right that we stayed and had dinner!

Spring Moon

As we all know Dim Sum is a big deal on Sunday mornings in Hong Kong, we decided that we would go and try some and was recommended to give Spring Moon at the Peninsula a go! Also it was in Kowloon so we could have a lay in aswell!

We jumped a cab and headed to Spring Moon when we arrived the restaurant was quite empty and we wondered if we were too early or late?! But within an hour the place was packed with families settling done for a lazy Sunday brunch. As we hadn’t had dim sum before we asked our waiter to help us with some choices, to be honest as it was awhile ago I can’t remember every single dish! However I do know that we did try shark and it was quite nice and we had pork buns which I loved!!

Aqua & Hutong

As you have guessed by now, our days in Hong Kong were spent exploring and seeing the sights and the evenings were spent having cocktails and fabulous meals!!

We had dinner booked on the 29th Floor One Peking Road at Hutong on Kowloon so the view of Hong Kong Island isn’t too bad!!!! So first it was off to Aqua which is on the floor above for some cocktails!

Once we had a few cocktails it was time for dinner, Hutong was one of the first restaurants I booked for our trip and I was hoping that the pictures wouldn’t let me down! I was right it was just as amazing as I thought the interior is wonderful  as we walked in there was a tree with lots of tiny tea lights hanging off it, all of the furniture is old Chinese style and all of the tables have the incredible view of Hong Kong.

Now for the food Hutong’s signature dish is de boned lamb which let me tell you as I am writing this I am remembering exactly how good they were are they were!!! 

We then had a whole sea bass filleted with the sweetest, ginger, and garlic sauce, and lots of different dishes from asparagus to spicy noodles! It was wonderful, a must go to in Hong Kong!


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